Taking Care of Paws - Sasha's Way
One girl, one mission, to help sick and injured homeless pets.


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The beautiful girl in the picture to your right is Sasha Dison and like many kids her age, Sasha loved animals and dreamed of being a veterinarian. She had a strong desire to make a positive difference in the lives of pets and her actions exemplified those words.

Sasha celebrated her last three birthdays by requesting party guests bring bags of cat and dog food in lieu of gifts. In turn, she donated the food to local animal rescue groups. Her selfless generosity helped hundreds of animals. A big heart in a little body!

In March of 2014, Sasha set a new goal - raise money to assist homeless pets in need of veterinarian care.  You see, Sasha understood what it was like to need a doctor or medical services.  She had been battling a rare form of cancer called rhabdomayosarcoma, a soft tissue cancer of the muscles, for close to three years.

Sahsa passed away two days prior to her first TCP - Sasha's Way fundraiser.  At her parent's request, the event went on in her honor and raised more than $12,000!  Sasha left a legacy and her dream continues.

TCP stands for "Taking Care of Paws" and we are doing it Sasha's Way.  Will you help? Please consider donating and/or attending a TCP fundraiser. For more information on the next event, please click the the "Fundraiser" tab.